Frequently asked questions

General faq

What is the difference between your local opening and international opening? 

Local opening applicants must be physically resident in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, while we accept all applicants from anywhere in the world for the international openings. 

Hiring process faq

How long does the hiring process typically takes? 

It varies based on the job opening, however, we can confidently say that the average time-frame is 3-4 months per applicant.

What type of tests should I expect? 

The screening tests vary depends on the opening you are applying to. As a benchmark, we require passing the English Proficiency for all applicants and the Appetite test for sales applicants.  

Course content author FAQ

It is highly possible for me to spend huge effort developing content while other aspects of the business fail to meet its objectives, which will impact basically my income. 

Indeed you are correct. The project stockholders are all responsible for driving the sales of the course, all to a certain level and the sales percentage for each member will reflect just that. So we are not expecting a lame content to be sold if the graphics were superior, the same happens if the content was of high quality while the video is less than HD. The assigned project manager is fully experienced to allocate the available budget in a scalable manner so that the right balance is achieved. 

Plus, we will offer the best and worst scenarios for each phase and each course so each member minimizes their risks and enjoys greater benefits. 

Do I need to have teaching experience in order to be accepted for this job opening?

No! While being a tutor or Arabic tutor is a plus, it is not a requirement for this opening as long as you are a native speaker and your understanding of English is excellent to perfect. You will be working in a team-based environment which contains a number of experienced Arabic tutors, so you will get the required experience over time.

What if my course didn’t make any sales? 

While we are working constantly on the other aspects that will leverage the courses exposure to the targeted audience online and offline, we cannot guarantee the sales of any course in particular. However, for you as an author, you will be assigned to a portfolio of courses in which we will make it most likely to be profitable due to its variety among other aspects. 

How will I be provided the resources?

Most of the resources are books in which we already have the ebook version of which (PDF, Kindle, ePub… etc). If the physical book is the only resource available, we will provide you with a copy of which.  

How will I know which course is selling and the amount of sales?

You will be provided with the necessary back-end tools and will be trained to use them so you can monitor your courses sales and the related analytics. 

How will I be compensated for the free courses?

The free courses in the current stage are only introductory to the sold one, and not complete 

Certificate of completion is paid and you will be compensate on same principles. 

What is the sales percentage model that I can compare to your offer? 

It is easy to compare our offer to Udemy.com and Lynda.com.

Inbound Sales FAQ

Am I required to achieve a certain target each month/quarter? Yes. Some extra bonus is provided when hitting the quarter target. 

Can you give me an approximate number of the target am I expected to achieve? 

The target varies based on the programs/market you will be handling. Please refer back to the annual catalog for more details about the ongoing program.