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Before applying to this job you need to take a look at the current year collection of catalogs prepared by the Institute so you could get a clear idea about the ongoing programs and the Institute as a whole.

About this job 

A course content author is the person who creates the content of a teachable/learnable course. The main window for this content is the online medium, i.e. open learning platform such as,,…etc or close learning platform such as an offline classroom or the private LMSs. 

For this opening, you will be preparing the courses of the ongoing year programs to be available on MOOC format Before and While adding them the chosen the platform in  all the possible forms: video, audio and text-based.

​What will you do ​

You will be reading the books, summarizing them, writing your content or typing it directly on the word processor, proofreading, recording, review your peers inputs, modifying and adjusting, iterate, update and do whatever necessary to provide a complete text that is approved by your supervisor.  

Work mechanism 

This is a 100% contractor-base remote job opening. You will work and collaborate with your team members and other stakeholders completely online.

Please read the following articles carefully to get a clearer picture of what it means to work remotely and to assess whether you can work in such conditions:

And download this PDF:

Where do you fit

You are in the very beginning of the course and learning platform governance chart, and on a different chart you are a part of the content management unit and directly related to the curriculum designing unit (not in this chart), the Project management unit and the Production unit 

Other teams that you might be in an occasional relationship are

Technical software and hardware unit 

Tutoring unit (not in this chart)

Marketing and editorial unit 

About you

  • This job relies heavily on the writer inside you;
  • You are native Arabic speaker as in some courses, you need to write in your spoken dialect of Arabic and MSA.
  • Your English score on the test in the form is equal to or above 80%, since you will be writing in both, Arabic and English.
  • You are an excellent team player. Each course will be a result of a team effort (At least two authors for each) so while you might be strong in some skills, you would complement your partner/s’ weak areas and vice-versa;
  • You are equally quite worker and only collaborate on what matters;
  • You possess excellent remote working skills;
  • Understand the mentality of a language learner because you are a lifelong learner 

What we offer

Outstanding onboard and ongoing training with certificates

The training will cover a variety of topics including:



Content creation and content management 


Moocs and open learning 

Among other subjects…

As well as you will be guided and promptly supported by the IT unit on using cutting-edge technology on some or all of the following applications:

  • Internal systems 
  • Evernote 
  • Zapier 
  • Talent LMS 
  • Matrix LMS
  • Asana 
  • Redbooth
  • Among other applications…

Generous percentage of the sold course revenue 

This job is a contractor-based opening, meaning that there will be no fixed salary nor employee benefits, at least in the current phase. Until achieving the milestone of 10,000 active paid subscribers, it will only be possible for us to provide the compensation for your time and effort in a form of a sale revenue percentage per course and per subscription for the entire list of members of the chart above.

While the compensation in a form of sales revenue will continue until reaching the 10,000 paying subscribers, you and the rest of the team will earn your wage every 60 days from the date of the sale occurrence. For example, if a sale of one of your courses happens on the 1st of August, you will get your agreeable percentage by the 1st of November, this will be handled and calculated automatically by the payroll and has nothing to do with the milestone. What we meant by the milestone is that there will be no full-time employment until reaching it. 


30 days annual leave 

Remote working during Ramadhan and local holidays

Profit sharing 

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How to apply ​

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